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Often, the emcee provides most of the lyrics and structure for a song. The transition from the delivery of spoken poetry to spoken songwriting is called "hip hop rapping". While the name hip hop has been used to refer to the genre of rap music since the 1970s, it began as a specific name for an associated culture. History Hip hop as a distinct culture, and a musical genre, is most commonly associated with Black American culture. It developed in the 1970s in the Bronx and Harlem, two largely African-American neighborhoods in New York City. In a 1989 documentary, Mark Masters, who was a producer for Kool & The Gang, described the initial evolution of hip hop, saying, "You had certain DJs who had studios on the blocks of Harlem and the Bronx, who cut records on a drum machine, which was the heart of it back then, and they made records to suit the DJ's taste. They weren't necessarily to suit the taste of the white kids. It was just the DJ's taste." The term "hip hop" was popularized by rap pioneers including Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, DJ Kool Herc, and Afrika Bambaataa. Herc's early work inspired a legendary DJ battle at a Bronx party called "Battle of the Boroughs". The genres of rap and hip hop have changed as they have evolved. The first rap music was a satirical, negative, sometimes humorous commentary on society. Although rap was initially a movement, rap and hip hop are now a popular style of music for a diverse set of artists. The term was originally a racial slur used to denigrate African Americans, a practice from which rap music has sometimes been accused of being derived, but in recent decades the term has been reclaimed by African Americans to describe their own music. Origins In the years leading up to the Second World War, Black jazz musicians in the United States enjoyed a period of great prosperity and mainstream popularity as their musical styles developed, adapted, and even competed with jazz and other forms of popular music. The popularity of the birth of the music's first "stars" came after it was largely forgotten by white Americans. The first rappers came from the Afro-American tradition, and were initially criticized for abandoning this form of art. Indeed, musicians such as Duke Ellington were greatly disappointed by the early efforts of many black musicians, for whom "the spectacle of 'black theater' was so popular that it was



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Mc Hacking Tool V4.7 kalbem

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